Time is Elastic

Date : October 19, 2018

I see that it has been a LONG time since I created any posts. My arrival in Sarasota in September 2015 threw me into a tumble dryer of emotions. Not the least because it was obvious that I had moved from the equivalent of the center of the galaxy to a distance as far as Andromeda. Different vibe. Different cultural focus.

My studio cost a fortune to move – I had been in 68 Jay Street in Dumbo [Brooklyn] for 15 years. It took my stellar assistant, Tim Buckley, from mid-August until April, 2016, just to pack the entirety of Studio 803 so that it would withstand being shipped by catapult. It also cost a fortune to pack.

That said, I am as happy as six-month old Jonathan. I don’t even mind that this is an 80-hour per week gig.