Awakening Two Feet above the Bed

Date : March 7, 2019

Awakening Two Feet above the Bed

With the multiple computers. iDevices and chargers, my bedroom was one giant distraction. I was inspired to take action by the New York Times article on “screen addiction withdrawal.” I had noticed a very subtle slide into less self-awareness, less interaction with the world and no reading on actual paper.

Being the kind of person I am, I took immediate, sweeping actions. I removed all chargers and iDevices from my bedroom. Then I realized that without the Apple Watch and iPhone, I had no way to wake up at a chosen time…

Yesterday my old-school, violent alarm clock arrived. I don’t care if it’s science or a placebo but, nevertheless, it felt more peaceful in the room.

No Sleeping Through This Alarm

Having swept out the electronic clutter and interruptions, I am finally able to read again. The first book I have started is Drawing by Philip Rawson. It is a cerebral, in-depth examination of the underlying “grammar” that takes me to the essence of the language of drawing.

Reunited with an Old Flame

“Parchment was the principal drawing support of medieval Europe. It was prepared from the skin of calves, goats, or sheep. It varied much in quality, and this depended a good deal upon the skill with which it was prepared. It was of course expensive, and old leaves, or entire books, were often wiped off and re-used.” Drawing, page 47.