Recent Painting:

Date : May 10, 2019

Froze Over

Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, 2018

Acrylic on canvas | 30 x 24 inches | 2018

Time is Elastic

Date : October 19, 2018

I see that it has been a LONG time since I created any posts. My arrival in Sarasota in September 2015 threw me into a tumble dryer of emotions. Not the least because it was obvious that I had moved from the equivalent of the center of the galaxy to a distance as far as Andromeda. Different vibe. Different cultural focus.

My studio cost a fortune to move – I had been in 68 Jay Street in Dumbo [Brooklyn] for 15 years. It took my stellar assistant, Tim Buckley, from mid-August until April, 2016, just to pack the entirety of Studio 803 so that it would withstand being shipped by catapult. It also cost a fortune to pack.

That said, I am as happy as six-month old Jonathan. I don’t even mind that this is an 80-hour per week gig.

The New Yorker Who Fell to Sarasota

Date : January 28, 2018

What the heck just happened?! It has been ages since my last post.

Two and a half years have flown by since my last post!. Off the radar. But busy. I am forever inspired.

I left New York City in August 2015, and moved both home and studio 1,200 miles south to Sarasota. It was never in my plan. But I was and still am in love with Amy Davis,  and wherever she is I call home. And I have discovered that without Amy I would be an artist and not an artist in business. That said, “everybody” told me it would take a year or two to start to feel at home. And it has.

Yes, it is staggeringly beautiful on the Gulf “SunCoast”. Parenthetically, it is pouring rain and chilly as I write. And cold here is surely not the cold of the NorthEast. However, the general consensus here is that we do indeed live in paradise.


The foliage is alien; in fact, I feel like I moved to a different planet. The leaves never turn color; there are myriad species of palm trees.shrubbery and plants that yield out of this world flowers and seed cases.


When it does get cold enough in the winter;  a plethora of critters seek shelter in our home, including, but not limited to, palmettos, more species, some actually benign, of spiders just in our yard and house. I am admittedly an arachnophobe; I have no idea which are actually benign (and assume the worst). I know for sure that a Wolf Spider bite means dial 911. I’ll save that photo until I find it. Maybe I’ll do a special post.

That said I live in the only sub-tropical state. I am minutes from Siesta Key, a beach voted most beautiful so many times the sign is starting to rust.

A new world of inspiration.


Does This Society Make My Ass Look Fat?

Date : April 17, 2010

8w461 Naked Girl 24 x 18 inches acrylic on paper

I refuse Hollywood, TV, magazines, newspapers, radio and as much advertising as I can manage to avoid, in all its forms. New York City often reminds me of the opening scenes of Blade Runner (a movie I did see, and really liked).

On the other hand, I remember the peace I felt in Tulum, almost completely devoid of the clamor of the propaganda machine as it attempts to willfully erode one’s self-esteem, offering up external solutions to lighten your wallet but never your load.

If you don’t know this book, you may find it interesting: When Society Becomes an Addict by Anne Wilson Schaef

It’s wonderful to learn, as our moment alive continues, that life never gets less delicious, less sensual or erotic. Aging is a powerful, giving process. And death is sacred.

SEX PAINTING: masturbating girl with steel dildo

Date : January 22, 2010

Masturbating Girl 9w*** 30 x 22 inches acrylic and charcoal on rives bfk
PLEASE NOTE: this is a preliminary IPHONE photo, filtered and sharpened and whatnot in photoshop, but STILL, ya know ! I will repost this after it is shot with the great lens and camera body. It will look better then.

Now this painting was a lighthearted undertaking. I mean I can only immerse my heart and soul in re-experiencing the death of Suzanne from that grinding, pernicious cancer for just so long before turning my heart and soul to the erotic and delicious vision of a beautiful girl masturbating with the justly famous nJoy Eleven (a steel dildo that is a thing of sculptural beauty in itself)!